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We are an innovative, research-driven investment manager that aims to deliver superior performance for our clients and our people.
About Kaiser

Kaiser Trading Group was established in 1999 and is an institutional investment manager based in Melbourne, Australia. The investment approach is a short-term, systematic, multi-strategy and multi-asset, utilising advanced computer modelling. We are driven to provide a long term edge and uncorrelated returns for our clients, which include pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and fund of funds.

Anthony Kaiser was driven to found Kaiser by his passion and belief in systematic trading strategies. At the core of his investment philosophy is the concept of Adaptive Market Regimes (AMR). The AMRs provide a multi-resolution understanding of the underlying time series in order to provide specific context when taking trades. The classification of multiple levels of market regimes, provide a diversified and uncorrelated suite of models.

We are a research and technology focused manager, with a proprietary suite of applications developed over time that facilitate all functions of the business from research tools, execution, risk management, operations and reporting. The sophistication of our software results in efficient management of the daily trade flow. This allows us to focus on further enhancing our investment approach and providing value to our clients. This is evidenced by the majority of our company working in research and development.

The company has a presence in both Melbourne and London and trading servers across the globe, allowing us to provide our clients with a complete service from investment, research and relationship standpoints.

Our People

Anthony C. Kaiser

Anthony C. Kaiser is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Officer.

Anthony has been trading financial markets for almost 30 years. He founded Kaiser in 1999, driven by his passion and belief in systematic trading strategies, which now has an almost 20-year track record, one of the longest in the short term systematic space.

Under Anthony's direction, Kaiser has become renowned for its advanced computer modelling and development of sophisticated propriety software. Anthony's trading philosophy is captured in a diversified suite of models that identifies specific market regimes and adapts to trade these conditions profitably.

Prior to founding Kaiser, Anthony started the FX Options Desk at National Australia Bank (1988-1998) where he commenced systematic proprietary trading. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University.

Dr Ewa Swierczak

Ewa Swierczak serves as an Executive Director of Investment Management at Kaiser Trading Group. In 2013, she joined the Leadership Team in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the company.

Ms. Swierczak joined the Research & Development Team of Kaiser Trading Group in 2004 and previously also worked with Mr. Kaiser at National Australia Bank. Their respective skillsets and understanding of each other provides the core backbone to research and model development at Kaiser Trading Group. Ms. Swierczak co-ordinates a team of researchers and programmers focused on the systematic strategy and portfolio risk management. Ms. Swierczak was integral to the research on Adaptive Market Regimes (AMRs) that is fundamental to Kaiser Trading Group's investment philosophy.

Ms. Swierczak has a PhD in Mathematics (Statistical Mechanics) from the University of Melbourne and a Master in Applied Mathematics (Operations Research) from Warsaw University of Technology.


We are a diverse, meritocratic and close-knit team that works closely together on cutting edge finance problems. We have a collaborative and interdisciplinary culture that fosters innovation. We are intellectually curious, passionate and driven, but we are also humble and always act with integrity. Many of our staff have been with the company for over 10 years which is testament to our culture and has allowed us to become one of the longest running short-term systematic hedge funds. It's a fact of which we are immensely proud and one we never take for granted.

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Level 5, 476 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne Victoria 3004 Australia
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Level 5, 476 St. Kilda Road
Melbourne Victoria 3004 Australia